Tweeting Tree Kit

Soilmania Unveils "Tweeting Tree Kit"

Introducing “Bowie the Birch” (@bowiethebirch), a revolutionary Tweeting tree based in Liverpool, the heart of Mersey Forest, that presents the use of SoilMania’s sensors to capture real-time measurements of soil conditions, tree growth, and sap flow. Here at SoilMania, we love everything that grows and flourishes!

Using our unique and innovative product, the “Tweeting Tree Kit”, Bowie the Birch can measure its developments and share experiences via the social media platform Twitter. Sharing the tree’s updates in this manner has provided an opportunity for Bowie’s personality to capture the hearts of the local community and beyond. The public can “follow” the tree’s progress and “communicate” with Bowie online, fostering human-nature relationships.

The state-of-the-art “Tweeting Tree Kit” comes complete with everything you need to set up your very own digital Lorax! It’s a unique and innovative product that provides thought-provoking data and statistics shared regularly online. The kit can be installed on any tree of choice, acting as a representative for all of the city’s trees and a mascot for the community.
Interested in plugging into the Tweeting Tree Network yourself? Findings from Bowie’s case study have revealed how incorporating a Tweeting Tree Kit encourages engagement within communities and enhances tree planting initiatives support. These positive results have sparked interest amongst a number of organizations, from hospitals to university campuses, landowners, municipalities, and more! All of whom are looking to improve the relationship that residents have with urban trees in their environment.
You can download more information on the revolutionary Tweeting Tree Kit here! Alternatively, for any other information, please email

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