Watering: a profession in its own right

The soil as the foundation

The soil is the basis of everything that grows and blooms, the foundation for a well-growing tree. When a tree is not properly grounded - literally - many people tend to look upwards: at the trunk, branches or leaves. At TreeMania, however, we focus on soil, and in particular on creating a good growing conditions and a balance in which microbiological and chemical processes function optimally. Many scientific articles have been written about these complex processes and my colleagues Gino and Willy can tell you much more about them.

All these complex processes aside: giving not too little, but certainly not too much water is and remains one of the most important aspects for growing healthy greenery. It seems so simple, but in practice it is often more difficult!

To water

The great thing about my profession is that I come into contact with many different people from many different fields. I learn something different from everyone and I am often surprised by the importance of seemingly simple things. Years of knowledge - often implicit knowledge - ensures that simple tasks are performed optimally.

Until a few years ago, like so many others, I drove innocently past newly planted street trees. It is logical that they should be given water, that someone should also visit with a water tank. Many people already know that the drainage rim must be large enough and not leak. But even if all of this is correct, there still appears to be a number of things that make all the difference between 'normal' watering and optimal watering.

Fantastic to see how some people can talk about it with passion. “I always make sure that I fill my tank with surface water. If that doesn't work, I fill my tank with spring water the day before. The worst cold is gone when I pour it into the trees ”. Aldus: Stefan, gardener by profession.

Also nice to see that creative solutions are being devised. Consider, for example, a self-designed outlet on the hose: this ensures that the ground does not clog under the force of an enormous jet of water. Timing also appears to play an important role: wait long enough to ensure that sufficient oxygen can penetrate into the soil. But you should also not wait too long, because otherwise the soil life will die off or encapsulate and have to start all over again when sufficient moisture is available again.

Measure to manage

Die timing waar ik naar refereerde, die is dus essentieel voor het geven van water. Niet te weinig, maar ook niet te veel water geven. Maar hoe weet u dat? Iemand die jarenlang in het vak zit en veel (impliciete) kennis heeft vergaard, kan op basis van onderbuikgevoel best ‘raak’ schieten. Maar zou het niet beter zijn dat dit onderbuikgevoel ‘bewezen’ wordt aan de hand van concrete data?

We can generate this concrete data on the basis of our moisture sensors. These moisture sensors perfectly ensure that you do not water too much or too little: a concrete and pragmatic dashboard shows exactly where and when which trees need water. A wonderful way to combine gut feeling and data.

Measure to manage!

Didy Arnold