11 moisture sensors in the Municipality of Venray

The Municipality of Venray was one of the first buyers of the moisture sensors from Treemania. At the moment, 11 sensors have been placed across the municipality, which ensures more efficient and sustainable management of urban greenery. Especially in these times of drought, it is essential to keep measuring the moisture content of the tree and soil.

What does the client think of the collaboration?

Pieter Willem Jenniskens, supervisor of public space for trees, forest and nature area of the municipality of Venray:

“If I compare Treemania's hardware and software with other providers, I can conclude that Treemania's data always match reality. Also a plus: the sensors are more durable, because parts and batteries are replaceable. I am also very pleased with the personal attention and the collaboration.

The moisture sensors and the dashboard ensure that we can act more efficiently and better manage our trees. An investment that pays for itself very quickly! ”