Green to Colour project in Weert

TreeMania, in collaboration with Jonkers Hoveniers, helps the Municipality of Weert to manage and optimize the biodiversity in public greenery. The installed moisture sensors ensure more efficient work and, above all, significantly less tree failure.

What's the situation?

Since 2016, the Municipality of Weert has consciously opted for biodiversity in public green spaces. This is reflected in the large borders and traffic guides that are planted - including flower perennials and special trees. Think of beautiful columnar Oriental plane trees and Royal lime trees.


Jonkers Hoveniers is involved in the planting of the trees. To ensure a beautiful street landscape immediately after planting, large trees have been chosen. Jonkers Hoveniers has a three-year maintenance contract with the Municipality of Weert for both its perennials and trees. During this period, the company is responsible for the success of the planting and taking the "aftercare burden" off of the municipality.

In addition to regular maintenance, Jonkers Hoveniers replaces any dead plants and trees during this period, provides water when necessary and the company ensures that the health status of the soil is maintained.

How did we help?

For this project Jonkers Hoveniers has entered into a partnership with TreeMania. By installing sensors that measure soil moisture, Jonkers Hoveniers can read from a distance what, for example, the moisture status of the soil is.

The data measured by the sensors cannot be read by Jonkers tree care managers alone. The Municipality of Weert also has access to the dashboard. This way, Jonkers Hoveniers is able to show, in a transparent way, how they impact the maintenance of the trees.

The results

We believe in circular management, so we can never really speak of an end result. The green management process always continues.

Nevertheless, we can note the following results:

  • No trees have died since using our moisture sensors and dashboard;
  • Perhaps more specifically: the time of watering can be determined more accurately, so that the maintenance of the trees is more efficient than before. Communication and transparency between the manager (Jonkers Hoveniers) and the Municipality of Weert are improved by the dashboard.

What does the client think of the collaboration?

Jos Jonkers, owner of Jonkers Hoveniers:

“The sensors by the trees help us to determine where and when the trees need water. This ensures that we can determine the water dosage more accurately, so that no trees die and we can carry out our work more efficiently ”.